Media Relations

As former journalists, we think like them and can speak their language.  Aside from researching, drafting press releases, pitching and following-up with media outlets, we know what they’re looking for and will create a campaign that keeps our clients top-of-mind. 

Public Relations

Creativity and charm is our strength when creating angles in which to engage our clients target market.  We learn the in’s and out’s of their marketing goals well enough to present their business, event or product to the right media outlets.

Ghost Blogging

Don’t have time to produce content for your own blog, newsletter or email blasts?  No problem, we’ve got you covered.  YRPR researches, drafts and provides our clients with newsworthy blog content on topics ranging from holistic health to art & culture.

Social Media Marketing

Credibility is key when building your brand and your social media site will help illustrate that to bloggers and journalists. Allow YRPR to keep your social media sites engaging relevant to the right people.

Speaker PR

Are you an expert in your industry?  Aside from securing media appearances, YRPR can help connect speakers with like-minded events and organizations that can compliment your brand and expand your reach. 

Website Management


Y.R. P.R. specializes in helping generate earned, not paid media coverage.  As former journalists, we speak their language and we will use our services to help you reach your target market.  But aside from skills, we'll use our charming persistence to help engage your target market.